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We manufacture and provide durable and high quality nylon 66 for diverse industrial applications. These tapes are manufactured for meeting high performance standards and are available in numerous shades, widths, designs weaves and knits. We offer complete solutions to our customers in terms of designing and product characteristics.

Nylon 66 tapes are manufactured by making use of special weaving techniques for high tenacity, breaking load and less shrinkage. We also provide customized designing of these tapes as per client's requirement and with no minimum order restriction. These tapes are commonly used in all kinds of high pressure wire braided rubber hose, fabric hoses, absorb hoses, kinds of rubber rollers and rubber fender.

Nylon 66 tape manufactured by most domestic makers is too tight at the flange, and has a rough appearance, which causes damages to the hose appearance, due to uneven shrinking strength in vulcanization. However, nylon 66 wrap tape manufactured by us can solve these problems well.

Type of Fabric
Nylon - Wrapping Tapes "High - Solid"
Warp Nylon 6 d'tex 235 z up to 20 TIm
We Nylon 646 d/tex 110 z up to 20 TIm
Weave Plain Fabrics in tabby weave 1/1
Fabric Widths 20mm, 25mm, 60 mm - 72mm, 75 mm, 90 mm -100mm or as per custom requirement

Physical Quality
Elongation at break approx. 28%
Breaking Strength approx. 3 N
Softening Point 23 5°C
Melting Point 250°C




Rubber Rollers
Hose Pipe
Joint Fluid
Hydraulic Hoses
Hose Pipes
Flexible Joints
Metal Expansion Joints,
Rubber Expansion Joints,
Fabric Expansion Joints,
Flexible Metal Hoses
Other Rubber Products

Nylon 66-1

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Nylon 66-2

NY-002 - Nylon Tapes 66-2

Nylon 66-03

NY-003 - Nylon Tapes 66-03
Nylon 66-04

NY-004 - Nylon Tapes 66-04

Nylon 66-05

NY-005 - Nylon Tapes 66-05
Nylon 66-06

NY-006 - Nylon Tapes 66-06

Nylon 66-07

NY-007 - Nylon Tapes 66-07
Nylon 66-08

NY-008 - Nylon Tapes 66-08

Nylon 66-09

NY-009 - Nylon Tapes 66-09
Nylon 66-10

NY-010 - Nylon Tapes 66-10

Nylon 66-11

NY-011 - Nylon Tapes 66-11

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