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The dynamism of narrow fabrics industry necessitates a sound infrastructural base. We have a fully integrated infrastructure system, working in close coordination for ensuring that the end product meets the exact customer specifications.

"A Company is as good as its employees".

Our greatest strength is our dedicated workforce, having the required skill sets and technical know how. Our workforce understands that serving the customer needs and the end users, is the mantra for success. Our production, sales and support departments work in tandem to understanding and meet the exact customer requirements.


" Creating innovative and high-performance fabrics"

Our manufacturing unit is based at Mumbai (Maharashtra), with state-of-the-art production facilities. We have adopted latest machines and technology to produce high quality fabrics that can fulfill international quality standards and requirements.

Sophisticated infrastructural facilities aid us in offering a complete range of services that cover all aspects of design, production, and post-production processes. From design to prototype development to weaving, dyeing and finishing to minor assembly, you name it and Shivam Narrow Fabrics can meet all your requirements. Some of the machines that we use in our production are:

Shuttlelooms - It is the only weaving machine that is capable of producing a seamless tubular material. The machine can also be used in critical applications where uniformity is required on both woven edges.

Jacquard Loom - This machine produces excellent weave designs and utilizes CAD (Computer Aided Design) system. Some common uses of this loom include patterned webbing and message or logo writing, which is woven into the substrate. High in quality, this machine is a superior alternative to printed webbing.

Needleloom / Shuttleless Loom - A new range of high-speed equipment that is known for its manufacturing efficiency and offers economies of scale.

Specialty Broadcloth - Specialty broadcloth is mainly utilized for special projects and research and development purposes. Has the capacity to weave up to 72" in width.

Braiding - The equipment can be used to produce quality fabrics such as engineered flat braids, "T" and "J" shapes for non-planar surface applications, collapsed and assembled biaxial and triaxial braided tubular fabrics and mandrel over-braids.

Dyeing - We have sophisticated dyeing facilities that include yarn dying, small lot vat dye and large lot pad dye.

Finishing - Shivam Narrow fabrics is equipped with complete line of finishing equipment for various types of fabric finishes. The finishing capabilities include flame treatment, resin treatment, stiffening agents, silicone release agents, starches and more.

Strap Cutting - We have automatic processes for strap cutting include that ensure efficiency and economical costs for the end user. The facilities include heat cut straight and angled or sealed ends.

Sonic Welding - High performance sonic welding equipment for assemblies and sealing.

Sewn Webbing Assemblies - These are minor in-process sub assemblies.

Materials We Use:

Our superior quality end products are a result of the sophisticated manufacturing facilities that are complimented by the high quality materials for the production of our fabrics. Some of the materials that we use in our manufacturing are:
  • Narrow Woven Tape and Webbing
  • Seamless Tubular Woven Materials
  • 2-Dimensional Shapes
  • 3-Dimensional Interlocking Angles
  • Braided Structures
  • Multi-Layer and Complex Shapes
  • Uni-Directional Fabrics

" Accurately testing fiber characteristics and performance "

We perform specimen preconditioning and series of tests for our customers. These tests are conducted in our fully equipped laboratory. We undertake on demand customer- specific tests. We also subcontract special performance tests to an approved testing facility.

Some of the tests currently being performed are:
  • Static load tensile test
  • Interior Materials flammability test
  • Vertical flame resistance test
  • Heat resistance test
  • Abrasion resistance test
  • Shrinkage resistance test
  • Elongation test

"Our company is the best source for all specialty requirements".

Years of experience, combined with technical know how, in the field of narrow fabrics, has helped us know the industry-specific requirements. We provide complete customized solutions in terms of fibers used, designing, dimensions, colors, weave patterns in a short span of time.

Sampling Process
  • Making samples as per customer specifications
  • Testing the samples in our in-house laboratory
  • Sending them to the customer for evaluation

" We understand the Industry Specific Packing and Shipping needs".

We offer unique & customized packaging solutions in terms of weight, dimensions and methods including shrink wrapping. Fabrics are packed in special plastic bags and then put into boxes/cartons. We also cater to shipment of loose cases, palettes for customer convenience.


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